I consider yoga as a way of life, nurturing and balancing for the mind, body and spirit. Having practised yoga for the past 16 years, I'm continuing to grow and embrace constant lessons through this way of living.

As I am also a practising Holistic Therapist, I enjoy teaching  in a manner which encourages body awareness, body integrity, developing acceptance and love for oneself, practising stillness within movement, and bringing us home to our connection to nature and the universe within ourselves.

‘My practice has been strongly influenced by the late Vanda Scaravelli’s approach to yoga. I have been encouraged to welcome kindness and a deep sense of curiosity into my own practice and share this in my classes. Influenced also by the practice of daily meditation, I am learning that there is a sense of “undoing,” having no goal, and going with the body rather than pushing or telling the body what to do in a linear and rigid fashion”

I am also very passionate about teaching on a one to one basis.

 “In a one to one session I feel that I can truly give 100% of my attention to the students body. This allows for a strong personal practice to develop quickly that suits the unique body and mind of the practitioner. We all learn differently, it can sometimes happen that a classroom setting may become slightly competitive, a student may not be aware of the force there placing on their bodies. Sometimes creating extra tension. One to one welcomes a certain kind of honesty with ourselves. It’s also very helpful for those who are not so keen on class settings in general”