Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and your well-being.
- Renee Peterson Trudeau

For the past 20 years I have found myself surrounded by a lifestyle and practices that are now often commonly known as wellness.

I was blessed to begin practicing yoga at the age of 17. Initially it was to help with stress from exams. I found great healing and benefits from this and continue to this day to explore yoga as a teacher. I became a holistic therapist at the age of 22 and also continue to explore and teach various therapies.  Some of these therapies including stress management, massage, reflexology, Chinese medicine, and Nutrition.

Angie Kinsella - Naure Way

To book Angie for a wellness workshop or event, please get in touch.

Over the past number of years I have become involved in collaborating and working at a number of wellness events from corporate events, retreats to festivals that focus on wellbeing.

In general lifestyles are becoming busier and stress levels are on the rise. I feel that creating balance in our lives, business and communities is as important as ever. In order to keep our mind and bodies healthy and full of vitality.

Angie is available for corporate based and community events including retreats and has a number of wellness based workshops on offer.

Please feel free to contact her to discuss this more.

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